01. Many [refugees] have come to England to escape the war in Bosnia.
02. Swan Lake is an important [refuge] for wild birds in this area.
03. Many people who come to America are economic [refugees] who hope to build a better life for themselves and their family.
04. Janice's garden has always been her [refuge] from the stresses of her job.
05. Thousands of people from Vietnam and Cambodia wait in [refugee] camps in Thailand for acceptance into the U.S.
06. Many [refugees] from the Vietnam War came to the U.S. in the early 1980s.
07. Oscar Wilde once remarked that work is the [refuge] of people with nothing better to do.
08. Albert Schweitzer said that there are two means of [refuge] from the misery of life - music and cats.
09. As the music group The Eagles sang, "Every [refuge] has its price."
10. Albert Einstein was a [refugee] who fled the Nazi regime in Germany.
11. From 1949 to 1962, Hong Kong absorbed more than one million [refugees] fleeing Communist China.
12. Over 700,000 [refugees] entered Jordan following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.
13. The Central African Republic has been called the last great [refuge] of the African elephant, with over 30,000 animals living within its borders.
14. Isaac Asimov once stated that violence is the last [refuge] of the incompetent.
15. According to the United Nations, the majority of displaced persons and [refugees] are women and children.

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